“If It Wasn’t For Trucks” is Riley Green’s nostalgic powerhouse

Reflecting on life through song, country singer Riley Green reminisces on life and how his truck always played a role.

In his poignant song “If it wasn’t for trucks”, Riley Green sings about life’s ups and downs and how – through it all – his trusty old truck was right there with him.

Standing in front of his vintage square-body GMC, Riley sings about being a teenager and “sweatin’ all summer” to save up for his very first truck to turn heads downtown.

Clearly expressing a love of country life and first-hand experience, we see and hear about Riley dating, hunting, and plain old just relaxing with a beer on the back of his truck.

The song really expresses the freedom a truck gives you, especially when you’re younger, and how it’s a place of joy and comfort when you fall “in and out of love”.

The music builds with fiddles being added to the mix as he relates how his truck was a place of solace and somewhere he could pray in peace.

Riley Green has really created a love letter to country life and trucks with his song, and with over 2 million views, many others agree.

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