These Imprisoned Men Find Hope By Taking Care Of Dogs, With This AMAZING Program!

Ever since man started living in society, dogs have been with us, always by our side. We’ve helped each other across many ages, and our relationship has reached very deep levels as centuries have passed. Dog look up to us for homes; for food and shelter, and we trust them and rely on their loyalty and apparently endless supply of love and friendship. And in this day, having a dog to take care of can change your life completely even when you least expect it. Just watch the example in the video below!

Life in prison is very harsh, and even though it’s supposed to work as a correction center, after spending some years there, lots of people find that their inner troubles have multiplied instead of healed. In the clip below, we can see a program that is trying to change that. By giving prisoners a dog for caretaking, they find more humanity and purpose even behind bars, and it helps them get in touch with their emotional side and get a sense of responsibility. And for the dogs, it helps them find new friends and be rehabilitated to live with humans. Everybody wins, and it’s amazing!

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