Incredible musician covers ‘Folsom Prison Blues’

Guitarist and composer Jamie Dupuis was joined by talented vocalist Emma McDaniel in this entertaining cover of the Johnny Cash classic.

Guitarist and composer Jamie Dupuis honored the late Johnny Cash with a stirring rendition of the classic song, ‘Folsom Prison Blues.’

The talented musician was joined on the song by vocalist Emma McDaniel, whose vocal stylings were a brilliant throwback to the country and blues singers of the past.

As with several of his other compositions, Dupuis has created a unique sound that manages to both honor the original version and provide a beautiful update for the next generation of music lovers.

This version of ‘Folsom Prison Blues will leave you speechless as Dupuis and McDaniel work together to create a gorgeous sound and a touching tribute to the man in black.

After working separately and together to cover many iconic songs, Dupuis and McDaniel are setting themselves apart as musicians you will want to hear.

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