Incredible Twin Foals Are Born At Oregon State University

Students studying in the College of Veterinary Medicine at Oregon State University got to see something truly amazing. They witnessed the live birth of twin foals.  There isa slim chance of this happening, one in 10,000, and its and even slimmer chance that at one in 15,000 that they will survive the first two weeks. If you are asking yourself why this is so special, it’s because it is practically a miracle.

Dr. John Schlipf has been delivering horses for over 30 years and says this is only the second set of live twins he’s ever seen. They were named Mocha and Cappuccino, two males, and there were complications. They were not nursing from their mother and as a result, they were not getting enough colostrum. But the hospital gave them plasma, antibiotics, and lots of love and care that they needed. Twenty-four-hour care and feeding of the foals was the responsibility of students on the CVM Foal Team and students attending the community college veterinary technician program.

They soon began to show their true personalities after just one week. Cappuccino proved himself to be feisty, frisky and curious, while Mocha, the smaller of the two, had to receive treatment for angular limb deformity. The doctors were encouraged when he started trying to run and said that with bandaging, he should have normal limbs. But he will always be the smaller horse, but no less loved by the people that know him.

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