After Being Injured In Combat, This Brave Young Veteran Reunites With His Best Friend.

Serving in the military in a country far away from home is a very tough experience. Because of this, the bonds formed in that difficult time are extremely difficult to break. This is what happened to Donny Eslinger, a young man, now veteran, who found a stray puppy when he was fighting in Afghanistan. Without thinking twice about it, he put the little Smoke, as he’s now called, inside his backpack, and took him to his camp. Just the day before, another soldier who was in Donny’s team died in combat, so having Smoke around really helped to alleviate the pain a little.

About a month later, Donny got badly hurt after an explosion during a fight, and he broke several limbs. Because of this, he was sent back home, but without his new best friend Smoke. This obviously was extremely difficult for both of them, since they had a very deep bond by then. After receiving the Purple Heart for being injured while in combat, he and his family made it their mission to fly Smoke all the way to Florida. When you see their reunion, I’d bet you anything you’ll let out a few sobs!

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