Injured stork can’t migrate anymore, so her soulmate flies thousands of miles each year to meet her

The capacity to love and be loved in return is one of the greatest feelings we can experience as human beings. It is regarded as one of our basic needs, yet it isn’t always easy to find. Some people can wait a lifetime before finding their partner, while some people might never find one at all. And even those that do, it might not go the distance. In humans, finding your one true soulmate can be a challenge and with these two birds from Croatia, we could all definitely learn a thing or two!

Klepetan & Malena are being hailed as the most famous couple in the country after their love affair looks set to stand the test of time. The two storks have made their nest on a roof of a house in Slavonski Brod, a small town about 120 miles from Zagreb on the border with Bosnia-Herzegovina. Stjepan Vokić owns the property and he has been looking after his unusual tenants ever since they first moved in.

The problem is Malena is injured and cannot migrate, so she has been forced to spend the year on Stjepan’s roof. While her mate is away, Stjepan has been feeding her fish and generally keeping an eye on her around the clock. But every year, Klepetan returns to his beloved, and locals gather to await his arrival. Every time he returns, it’s a happy moment for the people of the town. YouTube and local Croatian networks have picked up the story and the birds are gaining worldwide fame!

Klepetan makes an annual trip of 8,000 miles to come back to his mate, which shows some true dedication – not to mention directional ability! In Croatia, these lovebirds have become a symbol of marital bliss, care and affection, and his return is heralded each year. Most birds mate for life, but there are some cases of infidelity in the animal kingdom. However, these two storks look set to continue their love affair for some time to come!

Croatia is a stunningly beautiful country in the Balkan region of Europe, and thousands of visitors every year enjoy its gorgeous national parks, pristine coastline and friendly peoples. Not to mention that Game of Thrones is filmed there! After visiting, you will clearly see why Klepetan & Malena have chosen to make it their home!

Don’t miss their story in the video below. It’s an inspiration to us all when it comes to finding and standing by our own soulmates. There’s a lid for every pot after all!