Insanely talented “Voice Kids” superstar sings “At Last” by Etta James

Lucy Thomas

Etta James can be referred to as one of those singers; who are difficult to classify; her singing has spanned various styles, including R&B, Blues, Jazz, and direct vocals. Her main audience seemed to be in the R&B field, where her hit numbers were, even though her voice was effective in all styles.

Etta James was a famous American singer. She was very talented and didn’t sing a single genre of music; in fact, she was successful in various types, including R&B, jazz, gospel, rock and roll, and soul.

Singing famous covers songs can be a blast – it’s a great way to get your audience excited and gives you a chance to show off your skills and make the song your own.

Lucy Thomas

At last ‘(Etta James); Lucy delivers these songs with honesty and competence, something unique for a person her age. Lucy certainly stood her ground on “At Last,” her voice is almost certainly unmatched; she’s on top of her game; And listening to these artists will increase your love and appreciation for movie soundtracks and musicals, which is a great thing.

Lucy Thomas’s music is something special, something to see, and something that will impress people, as this 17-year-old from Lancashire has made a name for herself by offering albums of popular covers of pop and Broadway since her introduction to music; thanks to The Voice Kids UK.

Even if she was only 17 at the time, she has been able to tackle some of the most complicated songs in music vocally and make them her own, while her music continues to amaze people and hopefully allows listeners to rekindle their love for broadway music, soundtracks, and shows, even music from the past, which would otherwise have been hidden under the rug, in favor of the pop music landscape right now. Etta James recorded At last’ in 1961, shortly after signing with Chess Records.

Leonard Chess thought James was a classy ballad singer and saw a potential crossover of pop in her; he decided to accompany her with violin orchestrations for the song. Her version came in second on the R&B charts. Lucy’s music is a step higher, and maybe, just maybe, she can follow in the footsteps of Etta James and her music as the years go by.

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