Inside the 1970s kitchen

After a brief introduction, the Recollection Road channel immediately takes us back to the 70s, starting with a few historical facts about kitchen decor. With homeowners growing tired of plain, solid colors covering their kitchen walls, floral wallpapers quickly caught on at the beginning of the 70s.

Offering 1,000s of color and pattern options, these floral wallpapers provided an easy way to “redo” your kitchen. However, this reign was short-lived, and the floral patterns began to fall out of style as the decade’s end drew closer.

Patterns weren’t limited strictly to walls: the easy-to-clean linoleum floors of the 70s also had many designs and color schemes available. This made completing your kitchen’s decor easy while minimizing the time spent cleaning the floor space.

The more “natural” look had also come into style, featured in various decorative items like rattan furniture and macro-may wall decor. Interior shutters, however, were generally immune to this trend, as they served more of a practical purpose than a decorative one.

With interior shutters placed in the kitchen pass-through, homeowners could enjoy the views of an open-concept kitchen as they wished. Need some privacy? You could simply close the kitchen shutters!

Colonial decorations also resurfaced in the 70s, with decorative wooden chairs quickly becoming a kitchen staple. Perhaps influenced by the timing of the 200th anniversary of the United States, America-themed symbols were often used in decorative pieces.

Even with everything above, we’ve only covered a small portion of the 70s kitchen design! If you want to learn more about 70s kitchen decor (or perhaps prepare to give your own kitchen a blast to the past), check out the full video on the Recollection Road YouTube channel!

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Inside the 1970s kitchen