Inspiring College Student Balances School With Raising Her 5 Siblings

When Samantha Rodriguez and her 5 siblings lost their parents to cancer, their close family bond enabled them to survive the traumatic experience. At 17 Samantha began raising her 5 younger siblings, and now she does so while also going to college. She hopes to inspire them with her example.

Samantha Rodriguez lost her mother to cervical cancer at 13, and four years later her father also passed due to cancer. This left Samantha and her five siblings without parents, so she stepped up to raise her sisters and brother. Now 21, Samantha is working her way through college while also trying to raise her siblings.

What is her secret to success with such a complicated life? Planning and organization, Samantha says. She says that she has to keep all the pieces of her life revolving around the kids, as she calls them. She knows when to be a sister and when to be a mom, and works three days a week parttime while the kids are a school so she can spend as much time with them as possible when they are home.