She introduced her baby to the family cat, but nobody expected this to happen. OMG!

Is there a cuter pairing besides a cat and a baby? Well, dogs and babies are pretty darn cute too but cats are less prone to slobbering all over something. They are generally better at just sitting and relaxing, while dogs can be a bundle of hyperactive energy. Cats can have their moments, but they are generally few and far between. This video here is nothing short of pure, distilled awesome.

The video is nearly four minutes of cats and kittens playing with babies. There’s even one where there are three cats in a crib with a baby. It’s really adorable how they get along. One kitten is jumping around wanting to play with a baby and another shows a cat batting around one of the hanging mobiles from a baby chair. Cats and babies can be so cool together. This video is evidence.

My cat was so patient with my son when he was a baby. He let him sleep on him, pet him, and he’s still so good with him as he’s older. They have a very strong bond. That’s not to say that I would ever leave the two of them alone.

There are some instances, though, in this video where I would hope that parents were nearby at ALL times. Babies have tiny lungs and it would be ridiculously easy for a cat to roll over a bit and inadvertently smother the baby.There was one video where it seemed like the cat was ON the baby’s chest. That’s not cute, that’s dangerous. It wouldn’t be the cat’s fault either. Also, a parent could accidentally startle the cat and it could scratch the baby running away. Yeah, I hate to be a party pooper, but these things could happen. Cute video, though. Just exercise caution.

What did you think? How has your cat been with kids? Have any good stories to tell? Please put them in the comments section below!