8 Irish Girls Line Up In ‘V’ Formation, But When They Start To Move… I’m Flabbergasted!

Irish DancersA picturesque Irish port is the scenic backdrop for this rousing video clip. As the video opens, we see eight young ladies dressed in black with big welcoming smiles and lovely long hair flowing down their backs.

The dance troop is called “The Galway Girls,” and it is comprised of eight young women from the Claddagh area of Galway City in Ireland. The girls get together to share their love of Irish dancing and between them, they deliver a skillful performance on their video clip.

Irish DancersBefore they commence their routine, they dedicate their dance to English singer-songwriter, Ed Sheeran, telling him that they are big fans and hoping he will like it. Sheeran is known to have an affinity with Ireland and the nation’s influence can be found in some of his work.

As the video begins, the dancers are arranged in a V-shaped formation, their arms held at their sides ready to begin their dance. When they get underway, the fast steps are typical of the traditional Irish dance style, and their flashing footwork is a joy to watch.

They are dancing to Sheeran’s recent hit song, “Shape of You”, which was the best-selling song in the UK in 2017 and was a huge hit worldwide. But half-way through their routine the music cuts to Irish folk music and the dancing speeds up to keep time.

Even if you are not a big fan of Irish dancing, you have to marvel at the hours of training that must have gone into creating such precision, as each member of the troop keeps in perfect time with the others.

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8 Irish Girls Line Up In \'V\' Formation, But When They Start To Move... I\'m Flabbergasted!