Jack Jones sings his grammy-winning song. After hearing it, I can see why he won!

This story is just too amazing to keep to yourself. Share it!I admit it, there are a lot of singers out there that I haven’t heard of, not being from a particular era. It’s nice to hear some music from those times, though, since I can gain an appreciation of what people liked. There’s a lot of good music from the past. I’m sure that a lot of people will look at the name here and want to smack me for not knowing who he is. Don’t worry, he has a new fan in me.

Jack Jones has been on the music scene since the early 1960s. He’s known for a lot of songs, but his take on “Lollipops and Roses” is what helped catapult him to fame. The popular TV show, “Mad Men” even used it as part of the closing credits for one of its episodes much later on. It’s all about making a woman happy and learning how to gauge her moods. This was the 1960’s.

Tony Velona was the one who wrote the tune, but Jones did the best version. His take on the song turned out to be an award-winning one. Jones got a Grammy in 1962 and he even saw it chart quite high in the Easy Listening charts, going as high as No. 12 that year. Other luminaries like Perry Como, Doris Day, Kate Smith and Natalie Cole have done their own version of the song.

Jones is still going strong, performing in places like Las Vegas. His concert schedule is pretty pared down and it’s more like intimate dinner theater than large auditoriums. I think only the Rolling Stones will be playing stadiums when they are in their 90s. As for Jones, as long as he has the fans who are willing to see him perform, why not? He’s got a great voice. He probably gets asked to sing this quite often.

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