7 Men Sing 5 Acapella Christmas Songs With a Mind-Boggling Twist!

Jared Halley ChristmasChristmas songs have always been popular because they get us into the Christmas spirit. They remind us what the season is really about, the giving and the sharing of joy and cheer with the ones we love. It’s a time to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior and to reflect on what that means for us, His children, and our relationships with others.

Classic Christmas carols endure through the ages because we remember the happy feelings they gave us when we were young. They help us relive our memories of the good times. When we hear their familiar tunes again we can recapture those special emotions each time the holiday season comes around.

Jared Halley ChristmasJared Halley, a popular musician, and producer who makes music videos for YouTube, artfully arranged his own mash-up of five of the most beloved Christmas carols for us to enjoy. The setting for his video was a lounge room with a piano, a brightly decorated tree and presents, which immediately evokes a sense of Christmas.

Remarkably, however, there are not one but five Jared Halleys in the room! Dressed gaily in holiday-themed sweaters, they all sing the carols, harmonizing with each other and each taking turns to contribute.

Halley does have a lovely singing voice and he is certainly a pleasure to listen to. To add to the fun, another two identical Jared Halleys pop out from behind the Christmas tree as the video bounces along.

The merry “group” sing their way through these popular tunes: “Rockin’ Round The Christmas Tree”, “Last Christmas”, “All I Want for Christmas is You”, “So This is Christmas” and “Santa Claus is Coming To Town”.

You need to watch the light-hearted video for yourself and kick-start your Christmas season with a hearty rendition of this medley of old favorites.

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7 Men Sing 5 Acapella Christmas Songs With a Mind-Boggling Twist!