Jaw-Dropping Footage of Truck Plunging Into Frozen Lake As Ice Cracks

If you live in a state that experiences harsh winters, you’ve likely spent a bit of time on a frozen lake. Many people enjoy ice fishing, skating, and other fun winter activities. When this large truck drives across a frozen lake, nobody knows the ice is too thin.

It’s entirely possible to drive across a frozen lake during the winter. To safely drive across the ice, the conditions have to be perfect. The ice has to be several inches thick to be able to support the weight of humans, vehicles, and more.

In this video, you can see a white truck driving across a crystal clear lake. If ice is as clear as it is in this footage, it’s likely not safe enough to drive on. As the truck continues to cruise along, you can hear the ice slowly start to crack.

In just a matter of seconds, the truck is fully submerged, and the camera view switches to one inside of the vehicle. Filled with the eerie noise of being underwater, as the video finishes, you’ll see that no one was hurt from the incident.