Jealous baby doesn’t want his dad to kiss his mom. Wait till you see how he takes his revenge!

The relationship a child has with his mom is unrivalled. It is one of the most special bonds ever. Especially if the baby is a boy, the bond is even deeper. A baby boy is particularly attached to his mom. To be honest, they can even act a tad bit possessive sometimes. The poor kid thinks he is the only man in her life and she should love no one but him.

This little kid has some similar sentiments, but alas, dad comes in the picture! Whenever this baby sees his dad give his mom a peck on the lips, he tries to do the same. He doesn’t want to share his mother at all! Maybe he was just trying to imitate them, but it is cute nevertheless. This baby is going to make your day!

Dad and mom are both in the clip and mom is holding the baby boy, who looks about one year old. I think they know what the little boy is going to do. Otherwise, why would they be recording this? Dad gives mom a little kiss on the mouth, and the little boy grabs her face and turns it towards him so he can also give her a kiss.

It’s really sweet, but then he just keeps doing it. Dad has a funny reaction. He says, “This could go on all day,” and he looks quite happy to continue kissing mommy! How sweet.

Watch this cute clip down below! Have you ever been through something similar? Don’t forget to share with us in the comments!