John Rowles’ Heartfelt 1968 Performance of ‘If I Only Had Time’

John Rowles

In 1968, the UK singles chart was dominated by a song that was originally a French ballad. The song is the English translation of “Je n’aurai pas le temps,” a French ballad recorded by Michel Fugain in 1967. The song is called “If I Only Had Time,” and Sir John Edward Rowles KNZM OBE, a New Zealand singer, sang it. The song hit #3 on the UK Singles Chart, #2 in New Zealand, Belgium, and the Netherlands, #15 in Germany, and #17 in Austria.

Peter Gormley, who had signed Rowles to MCA, got Mike Leander to handle the arrangements for the song. Rowles had two hits in the British top 20, “If I Only Had Time” and “Hush Not A Word To Mary,” and was managed by Peter Gormley, who also ran Cliff Richard’s career. Rowles could have laid the foundation for a multi-million dollar career if he had stayed in the UK. Still, the 21-year-old Kiwi gave it all up for Hawaii in 1970 and signed up as a cabaret star at the famous Royal Hawaiian Hotel on Waikiki Beach.

John Rowles

John Rowles had a successful career and became a household name in New Zealand, Australia, and Hawaii, regularly appearing on television and touring across the USA. He released numerous albums with best-selling hits like “Cheryl, Moana Marie” and “Tania.” After a highly successful Farewell Tour of New Zealand, where he performed over 25 sold-out two-and-a-half-hour shows with his six-piece band, John Rowles recalls a lifetime of achievements in his highly illustrated autobiography.

John Rowles

This song is a lovely, sad ballad that reminds many listeners of their personal experiences. One commenter mentioned that it was played at their father’s funeral, and they hadn’t listened to it since that day. Another commenter said that it reminded them of their years spent at sea. Many viewers agreed that the voice of Sir John Edward Rowles KNZM OBE was exceptional, and this version of the song was much better than the dreadful version by an American country singer that Alexa mistakenly played.

“If I Only Had Time” is a moving song that transcends time and culture and continues to touch people’s hearts to this day. Share this video with your friends because it’s a timeless classic that deserves to be heard.

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John Rowles\' Heartfelt 1968 Performance of \'If I Only Had Time\'