Johnny Carson Gives Tonto A Job Interview, And I Still Laughing Out Loud!

In this classic Johnny Carson sketch for The Tonight Show, Johnny Carson gets the idea to give an interview to Tonto for a brand new career once his long years of service to the Lone Ranger are over. The concept alone had laughing my head off.

This clip will certainly hit the spot. Tonto showed up looking just like we all remember him.  He spoke with an endearing accent. He talked about hunting wild game, fishing, risking his life, and his reward was to be allowed to peak underneath the Lone Ranger’s mask!

Does Tonto have any special skills? Is he computer literate? Is he willing to move if the job entails relocation?

This little clip is simply well thought out comedy. After a full day of reading the nonsense that passes as comedy on the internet today that would make Carson gag this was very much a need break and a very funny one to boot!

Today’s political correctness doesn’t allow for a character like Tonto to exist even though everyone thought the world of him back then. This is why it’s so great to see this footage achieving very harmless laughs for all to enjoy and real sure hope you did! Go ahead and share it with those that won’t be offended and leave a comment too.

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