Jonathan Winters’ funniest Interview ever on ‘Johnny Carson’

Jonathan Winters and Johnny Carson

‘The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson’ featured the great comedian Jonathan Winters. When he walks out from behind the curtain, he salutes Johnny. You could expect big laughs whenever Jonathan appeared on ‘The Tonight Show.’

Jonathan Winters

A random man in the crowd yells, “I love you,” and Winters responds, “Yes, I love you. Take your clothes off and come down here, young man!” Jonathan settles in and begins talking about his book of drawings.

Carson looks through the pages to find a picture to talk about, and Winters says, “Take your time. You won’t be graded until…” Then he checks his watch and says, “Well, after 8.” Winters then says, “Pencils down, times up!” Johnny laughs hysterically.

Jonathan Winters and Johnny Carson

Winters tells Johnny the book’s cover is the first and last day of spring, and it is a green background with bombs falling on a little town. He said one woman asked him what the little black things are (the bombs), and she asked, “Are they licorice?’ and he said, “Yeah, they really stick to the tongue.”

Winters talks about how he took art courses and said he had a tough time in regular school. Johnny asks, “How old were you when the trouble started?” Winters responds, “Kindergarten,” and the crowd laughs.

Jonathan Winters and Johnny Carson

Winters says, “I remember trying to make a clay rabbit, and I had all day, you know. Usually, you should be able to make one before lunch.” Johnny cracks up, and Winters continues to charm the audience.

Jonathan was known as a comedian, actor, author, TV host, and artist. He recorded many classic comedy albums and released an album every decade for 50 years. He received 11 Grammy nominations throughout his career. Johnny loved having Winters as a guest, and the two men shared many funny moments.

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Jonathan Winters\' funniest Interview ever on \'Johnny Carson\'