Josh Groban performs classic ‘Pure Imagination’ to a sold out show

There are few performers in America with a more recognizable and iconic voice than Josh Groban. He has built a career by mesmerizing audiences with his incredible vocal abilities and stage presence.

Some of his most famous songs have come from the world of television and film, where he is frequently brought on to voice songs for the soundtrack. Not only that, but he covers famous songs as well.

One example of that came when he sang in front of a sold-out crowd for his event called ‘Stage: An Evening with Josh Groban.’ One of the best songs he sang that night was called ‘Pure Imagination.’

Josh Groban performs classic ‘Pure Imagination’

That title will be instantly recognized by anyone who has seen the classic film ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.’ Groban delivers a sublime version of the song, showcasing his considerable talent.

The crowd was right there with him the whole time, completely entranced by what they were witnessing. Listeners will feel the same way when they see the video footage from the event.

In performing his stirring version of ‘Pure Imagination,’ Groban reminds listeners of the classic sounds of the original production. However, he also elevates the song with his vocal stylings.

There are not many people left in America who have not yet heard a Josh Groban song. But for new fans and people who have been listening to Groban for years, this version of ‘Pure Imagination’ is worth a listen.

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