K-9 Hilariously Ruins Official Staff Photo, Refuses To Follow Orders, Cuddles Partner Instead

Police Dog PhotoshootEvery pet parent knows how adorably uncooperative our photogenic fur babies. You know the kind of hilarity (and frustration) that can ensue when you grab your phone take a picture.

Indiana Officer Levi Knach was called in to have his official department photograph taken, with his K-9 partner, Kenobi. Officer Knach was all set to sit nicely and smile to have his portrait taken, but K-9 Officer Kenobi had different ideas.

Dog PhotoshootThe photographer ended up with a hilarious bunch of photos that really show the bond between the 2 officers. Kenobi is certainly a well-trained police officer, but he is also a dog.

The photos are heartwarming. Maybe the best police dog pictures ever! Check out the video to see these 2 officers as they work to get their official photos, without laughing too hard.

Also, a big thank you to all our men and women in blue (and in this case green). We appreciate all you do. You, too, Officer Kenobi. Good boy! You deserve a steak for being so adorably cute and showing us that deep down, all law enforcement officers are puppy dogs at heart.

If you liked Indiana Officers Knach and Kenobi’s adorable outtakes, share their video because these guys do so much for so little and they keep us safe.