‘K9s For Warriors’ – A New Program For Veterans Who Suffer From PTSD

It is always good to know that there are a lot of brave men in the military troops ready to protect us in times of war. And it is only up to us to make sure that our veterans can return to comfortable homes, get adequate education and find fulfilling careers as civilians.

However, when a soldier comes home with PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder, his life can turn into a real struggle that can totally ruin it. According to statistics, about 22 veterans commit suicide every day as a result of PTSD. They suffer from invisible wounds that can’t always be healed with therapy and medication.

Animals can be veterans’ only consolation. Some soldiers dealing with PTSD have shown amazing progress after working with horses. And for many others service dogs are the ones who change their life for the better.

Dogs are devoted and loving animals that can offer incredible relief to veterans who think that they have tried everything. K9s For Warriors is a wonderful program that pairs veterans with dogs, and turn those soldiers’ lives around when they think they’ve exhausted every option.

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