Country Star’s Wedding Video Is What Dreams Are Made Of

Kane Brown WeddingIf you have ever heard the country song, “Heaven” then you probably have heard of Kane Brown.  Kane married his new wife Katelyn Jae last year after a two-year romance.

The nuptials took place at the Mint Springs Farm in Franklin, Tennessee with approximately 200 guests. The farm has a rustic look which was perfect for a wedding for a country singer and his new, beautiful wife.

In a recent interview, Kane said, “We wanted something here in Nashville and loved the idea of having it at home and not traveling since we are on the road so much,” Kane and Katelyn said. “It’s not too rural but has so many elements of nature — a huge lake, rolling hills, trees. It’s just beautiful out there.”

Kane also used his wedding as the backdrop for his latest release, “Good As You.”  The mid-tempo tune has Brown singing about the perfect woman, who he wants to spend the rest of his life with.  The lyrics are touching:

“Tomorrow, tonight, the rest of my life / I wanna be the man you want me to be / So starting right now girl / Tell me everything you need / I just wanna wake up every day here in this bed / And never leave I love you left unsaid / It might take a hundred lifetimes to do /But baby, I just wanna be good as you,” Kane sings in the chorus.”

Brown certainly has plenty of reasons to celebrate. In addition to marrying the love of his life, the singer-songwriter just won three fan-voted American Music Awards, for Favorite Male Artist – Country, Favorite Album – Country (for Kane Brown), and Favorite Song – Country, for “Heaven.”

So turn your speakers up and check out the happy couple in the video below. It was a happy day for a gorgeous wedding set to music, and the beautiful lyrics will touch your heart. You can bet there will be many new songs that evolve around their new-found life.

It truly was a beautiful day for Kane and his bride. If this moment touched your heart like it did mine, then share his video.

Country Star\'s Wedding Video Is What Dreams Are Made Of