Kea Parrots Will Blow Your Mind With Their Probabilistic Reasoning

You’ll see first hand how Kea parrots are tested, showing their understanding of probabilities without a doubt. Scientists are only beginning to discover the extent of these smart, social bird’s brainpower & reasoning.

The Kea is a smart species of parrot from New Zealand with a striking degree of intelligence. Tests show that Kea outperforms monkeys in intelligence and social tests while proving that their probabilistic reasoning is on par with great apes.

Kea don’t only remember the identity of each person that they meet, but they learn your preferences as they spend more time with you. These parrots are far smarter than meets the eye, with each bird picking up on your individual traits and probabilistic factors.

As you’ll soon see, there is so much to still realize about these wonderful birds. Kea parrots are being studied, but who knows what intelligence is being held by our other feathered friends?