Kenny Rogers dazzles with this traditional Christmas spiritual

The younger set, the much vaunted “millennials,” for example, only know Kenny Rogers from the TV commercial where he drives his poker buddies up the wall by singing “You’ve gotta know when to hold ’em” during every single hand. This may be solid poker advice, but it’s really a shame that the Kenny Rogers so many of today’s kids know is just a caricature of his old self.

That old self is nothing to sneeze at. Kenny Rogers, now nearly 80 years old, is one of the biggest stars there is in country music. He’s also one of the most durable: his career stretched from the mid-1950s until his retirement in 2015. Rogers’ career path is rather interesting: started in rock-and-roll, took a detour into psychedelic rock, and only then found his real calling as a country-pop crossover artist. He launched his solo career in 1976 and was at his peak right through the 1980s. Rogers has picked up too many awards to name, but they include Grammys, various country music awards, and a well-deserved place in the Country Music Hall of Fame. While he was at it, he sold an incredible 165 million albums.

Before he officially retired, Kenny Rogers released his sixth holiday album, “Once Again, It’s Christmas.” One of its more memorable songs is “Children Go Where I Send Thee,” an old African-American spiritual also known as “Born in Bethlehem” and “The Holy Baby.” Rogers was joined by the a capella group “Home Free” and they delivered a lively interpretation, grooving right along with the song’s powerful beat.

We’ve posted the music video of this great Christmas number below. If it doesn’t get your toes tapping, we really aren’t sure what will. You’ll also enjoy the post-song chit-chat. After someone called him a “legend,” an alive and kicking Kenny Rogers quips, “‘Legend’ sounds like I’m dead.” Of course, Rogers also thanks “Home Free” for all their help making the performance happen.

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