My Heart is Breaking When Kenny Rogers Sings, “You Picked a Fine Time to Leave Me, Lucille”

We bet you know the rest of this classic country tearjerker from the one and only Kenny Rogers.  This powerful video brings powerful story-song even more to life.

Rogers, dressed casually, stands in a living room of a southern home complete with a roaring fireplace. But the song isn’t about domestic bliss, unfortunately… all thanks to Lucille.

That’s what makes this song so profound. It gets at your heart and your conscience and brings back those cassette tape memories of yesteryear.

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This video is pure gold.  Not surprisingly, it’s been seen by over 7 million viewers.  Kenny is a titan of country music. No wonder the fans are going wild in the comments section. Here’s one that spoke to our hearts.

“I’m an old-timer who likes Rogers a lot. And oh! Surprise! The other day at Université du Québec à Montréal, I heard a 20- year-old kid whistling the tune… Funny, I said to myself, some things… some songs never go out of fashion.”

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We couldn’t agree more, sir. Now it’s your turn to relive the magic and heartbreak of “Lucille” is not one, but THREE amazing Kenny Rogers performances, first in the studio and then live in concert, a triple threat!

My Heart is Breaking When Kenny Rogers Sings, \