Kid Dance Crew Win Golden Buzzer In Amazing Portugal’s Got Talent Audition

Portugal’s Got Talent may have discovered one of the best dance acts ever seen on any talent show, anywhere. The stage is brought to life by the incredible choreography and creative arts of AM Dance Studio.

AM Dance Studio had the crowd on their feet with a brilliant, high energy dance routine that combined their artistic flair with impeccable choreography. The routine was so good that the judges were so impressed that the talented dance group was awarded a Golden Buzzer.

From their strength as athletes to their daring courage shown through death-defying flips and jumps, AM Dance Studio put on a show that no one could take their eyes off.

The whole world can’t wait to see what these talented dancers come up with next after proceeding with a Golden Buzzer. Their first show was perfect in every way, making it so exciting to see their next inspired show.

Kid Dance Crew Win Golden Buzzer In Amazing Portugal\'s Got Talent Audition