Kids Earn First Place for Sensational “Footloose” Dance Routine

A group of young and talented performers danced along to the 1984 hit song “Footloose.” These kids were full of energy and had the audience dancing together in their seats as they performed for the Kids Artistic Revue dance competition.

Before they even started moving, the beginning notes of the song begin, and you can hear the audience hooting and hollering in excitement. There are eight girls wearing seafoam green colored dresses, and they start to shimmy and shake with the tune. As the song continues, a young man dances his way onto the stage.

Jimmy Peters originally choreographed this dance in Riverside County, California. The dancers put in hours of practice at the Temecula Dance Company located in southern California. These kids took first place in the competition and earned it with all of their hard work.

If you watch closely, you’ll see a ton of easter eggs from the hit movie “Footloose” hidden throughout the performance. The boy, dancing in the center of the stage, is wearing a maroon jacket, just like the lead actor in the movie. Eventually, he slides on his knees as the chorus begins.

Kids Earn First Place for Sensational \