Kids taste their parents’ childhood meals, and the results are hilarious

Kid tasting mom's childhood meals

Parents and kids don’t always agree, especially when it comes to what’s for dinner. In this fun video clip, a handful of kids sits down with their parents to sample some foods they liked when they were kids way back when!

Kid tasting dad's childhood meals

The kids are asked what they like for dinner, and one child says they prefer ordering out to a homecooked meal. Next, the kids have to guess their parents’ favorite meal growing up, and one kid guesses cupcakes!

Finally, the parents are brought in to sit with their children and give them a literal taste of their childhood. The kids are treated to their parents’ favorite childhood food.

Kid tasting mom's childhood meals

A father shares a glass of milk with graham crackers dunked in it with his daughter. She says, ‘It’s not the best thing in the world!’ Then, she asks for chocolate syrup and takes the recipe to a whole new level. Her father agrees that her mix is better.

A mother shares potatoes with her son. He wishes they were cupcakes and promptly asks for whipped cream. Another mom shares a sandwich with beans on a roll, and her son finds it just average.

The most compelling is a mother who has her son try her favorite meal consisting of sardines, hot sauce, and cheese whiz! The kid takes one bite, makes a horrified facial expression, and leans off-camera to rid himself of the sardine.

We pass on many beautiful traits and traditions to our children. However, we may not be able to convince them to eat our favorite childhood meals. Nevertheless, their reactions are adorable and hilarious.

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Kids taste their parents\' childhood meals, and the results are hilarious