Some kids won’t play with a special needs girl at a pool, so her dad builds her a $17-Million Theme Park

A father will do anything for his daughter. Many people say that a father is a daughter’s first love, and that may be so, but I can tell you from experience that although some dad can look all tough they will do whatever it takes for his daughters. When you have a child with special needs, this takes on an entirely different tone. As a father, you want to make sure they have the best life possible.

On a scorching summer day, one dad decided to take his daughter with special needs to their local water park. The thing is, these parks were not built with people and their special needs in mind. He first found out that the park did not have any accessible ramps for his daughter.

He helped his daughter make her way across all the different areas and discovered that none of them could be accessible with a wheelchair. Now, the thing that added insult to injury, was when he saw some kids not wanting to play or talk to his daughter. His daughter was experiencing rejection at an age where it can cause the most damage.

He decided to leave the park with his daughter and do something about it. He got together with an architect to design something that would not only help his daughter, but that could also serve as a nice form of entertainment for other children and adults who might be experiencing the same problem. He is a man who believes in equality and, that segregating people with special needs does not help.

He made his park accessible to everyone but with people and their special needs in mind. This park provides everything a child could wish for, regardless of their condition. For starters, you can take your kids to several places where they can enjoy small pools and refresh themselves with the many possibilities. All of them are wheelchair accessible.

Get ready to meet the man with the plan and his master creation. A place where young and old can enjoy, and the best thing, your child with special needs gets in for free! If you see it from a distance, it might look like any other water park you may have visited, but inside it’s all fun. This park wasn’t cheap either, it took $17 million dollars and a lot of creativity to build. But it’s one of those investments we can all be glad someone did.