This Man Goes To Kiss His Wife When Their Baby Boy Does The Cutest Thing Ever

It may not be too uncommon to find kids can actually be jealous of the relationship between their parents. Especially when they are quite young, the kid might not even understand the displays of affection between the two or in the case of this little guy might not want his dad getting any more attention then he does.

This footage obviously took place around Christmas time and the husband wanted to give his wife a holiday kiss. The only problem is their son who is in his mother’s arms witnesses the affection. The boys reaction he wants his mother to kiss him next.

This led to the little boy’s father wanting another kiss from his wife. But guess what the little boy decides he wants another kiss. This goes on a few times and is quite funny to watch. It’s as if the little boy is in competition with his own father for his mother’s affection.

So, watch this little boy fight his own father for his mother’s attention then lets us know what you thought by commenting below.