Kitten doesn’t want to share her puppy sister with anyone else

Kitten and puppy

Nicole explains what happened when she adopted a new kitten and then a new puppy. The kitten’s name is Penelope, and the puppy’s name is Juniper.

She shares a quick story about hearing a strange rattling noise. When she found the source of the sound, she saw Penelope. Her kitten was running in the washing machine like a treadmill.

After she adopted Penelope, it was within a month that her personality came out. Penelope loves to play, and Nicole thought about getting her a companion. That’s when she decided to adopt a puppy.

Kitten and puppy

She got Juniper so Penelope would have a puppy sister. Nicole was nervous about letting them meet straight away, so she put a gate between the both of them. Penelope quickly jumped over it.

It was a scary moment, but Juniper was just as curious as Penelope. Nicole was warned that cats love companionship, but they don’t like to share. So she thought that Penelope would not want to share her owners.

In fact, it was the round. Penelope did not want to share Juniper with everyone else. Juniper isn’t very mischievous, but under the guidance of Penelope, they both cause a lot of chaos.

Nicole dreamed they would become best friends, contrary to what she heard growing up about cats and dogs not getting along. Now Juniper has become very catlike, learning how to groom and use a scratching post.

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