Kitten Loves To Help Out With The Laundry!

There’s so much that requires doing on a daily basis, but nothing is quite as tedious or annoying as the laundry, am I right? It multiplies overnight, people cannot possibly wear this many clothes and there is just no reason that anyone should have this much laundry to wash.

For the people in this video, laundry is a bit more fun for their family. They still have to wash it, but it comes with a certain perk that makes it seem that much more exciting.

It comes with a cat.

The cat likes to hang out in the laundry basket and help put the laundry in there so that adults don’t have to do it. The only thing that this cat does not do is actually put the laundry away. That’s too bad, though. Either way, this cat is pretty hilarious to watch. If only we all felt this way about laundry.

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