Kitten Sees Peacock And His Plumage On Porch. I Was Crying From Laughing At His Antics.

When it comes to being annoying, animals tend to tolerate the antics of the younger ones for the most part. Even their animal brains understand that these are mere babies and they don’t know what’s proper and what’s not. Even some predatory animals have a heart when it comes to these things. They may tangle with an adult animal, but they leave the young ones alone… even when the wee baby thinks they are a toy, like in this video.

A kitten sees a peacock name Henry on his porch. Henry has spread his tail feathers to their fullest… I would say that the thing spans at least nine feet, from tip to tip. It’s quite impressive and he has almost no room to maneuver on the porch. This kitten sees Henry as a cat toy… and this peacock tolerates his batting at his feet and feathers. This bird has razor-sharp claws, but he just moves around the porch if he’s getting a mite annoyed.

This kitten and his other kitten pal do NOT get the hint that Henry wants to be left alone. No matter how many times he shifts his feet around and moves to another part of the porch, the only thing on their mind is “OOH! KITTEN TOY!” They are determined to swipe at the feathers on the bird. The person filming this is nearly falling over laughing while watching the whole thing unfold.

Henry is NOT in any danger. He can fly away if he’s scared. He’s not fanning his feathers to try to scare the kitten. He’s doing it as a mating ritual. Maybe there’s a female peacock nearby that he’s trying to impress by showing how tolerant he is of the kittens. Kind of like how a guy on a date may try to impress who he’s with by showing that a screaming kid nearby isn’t bothering him in the least… when he really wants to jam two napkins into his ears to quiet the noise…

I thought this video was so cute. How about you? Have you ever been around a peacock? If so, tell us all about it in the comments section.

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