This Kitten Has A Severe Disorder, But Wait Till You Meet Her Unusual Caretaker

The tiny kitten featured in this clip is called Ralphee and she will steal your heart if you let her. Ralphee suffers from CH and she was rescued from a horse stable at a barn. CH is a neurological disorder called feline cerebellar hypoplasia. A kitten born with this condition has an underdeveloped cerebellum at birth. Cats with CH are often called “wobbly cats” because of their “drunken sailor” walks. Ralphee shakes her head as part of this disorder, but in a most endearing way.

When Ralphee was at a bad stage in her life, she met Max the cattle dog. These animals quickly became smitten with each other’s company. Max seems to understand that Ralphee has special needs and needs a special friend to look after her and protect her. Max is just the dog for the job. Max looks over the little cat no matter where she goes. He is ever so curious and he never strays far from her. Ralphee is getting better and healthier and more mischievous with time. She also loves to see what Max is doing and gets enthusiastic whenever he is nearby. Max may not always seem like he’s watching her, but he is and even months later when Ralphee is bigger, they are still together and Max is still watching out for her.

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