This Precious Kitten Started Giving A Pitbull A “Kitten Massage” — Then THIS Happened… OMG!

So this video might be the cutest thing on the web at the moment. This adorable dog is lying on its side resting, and in between her arms is a small black kitty. Just that sight is priceless, but watch the video to see what the kitty does!

Wasn’t that amazing?! The kitty was massaging Lekka on her cheek in such a loving way! And Lekka doesn’t seem to mind one bit! Her squinting eyes tell the whole story. Lekka loves all that attention.

So what does Lekka do after that massage? She repays the favor, by licking the cute kitty all over its face! Once Lekka is finished, the two fall asleep in each other’s arms in a very heartwarming moment. Spread the cuteness with your friends everyone!

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