Kitten Takes Care Of His Little Bird Who Is His Best Friend

Videos of interspecies friendships are some of the most endearing and inspirational clips out there. I love seeing two creatures tearing down the barriers of natural instinct to come together as friends. In this case you’ll see a kitten that has a chick as a best buddy, making for an unbearably adorable combo! These two tiny friends look all prepared to face the hardships of life as long as they have each other.

When you are tiny and you are alone in the big wide world, it can seem like a very scary place. That’s why it’s always good to have a friend who can keep you company and keep you safe. So this pair seems like a match made in heaven. This precious little kitten is all by himself, but she has a little chick to keep her company — and vice-versa! Don’t cats chase birds and try to catch them? Not in this case. These two are clearly best buds.

These two cuties are all curled up, and even though this kitten is just a baby, you can see her maternal instincts shine! One day, she is going to make a great mommy. Today, however, this little kitten’s job is to make her little buddy feel safe and secure. When this little chick starts to feel stressed out and chirpy, she reassures the chick with love, cuddles, and kisses.

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