“Kittens & Ducklings In The Same Video? It Doesn’t Get Any Cuter Than This!”

This is a prime example that the maternal instinct is a powerful thing!  This kitty finds adopts some tiny baby ducklings in need of a mother to care for them and decides to take the job! How adorable!

This kitty cat is living on a farm. Much to the amazement of her parents who thought for sure that kitty would kill the ducklings she did just the opposite. She is  quite loving to the baby ducks and she even let them nurse on her!

The couple soon discovered why this maternal instinct came out in the kitty turns out she had been pregnant and was about to give birth all along! When they went to investigate how the ducklings were they found a litter of baby kittens as well! https://youtu.be/hfBjKOGlFkw