These Kittens Were Being Fed Milk, But Wait Till You See What The One On The Left Does

There’s a very strong argument amongst animal enthusiast that has been going on since as far back as anyone could remember, and that’s the good ol’ dogs vs. cats competition. People have sworn their undying loyalty to either side, and it can create some very tough conflicts and tension between animal lovers. But I question, why can’t we all just get along with each other? We all love our furry friends in the end, and that’s all that matters. If our furry friends of different species can get along with each other, why can’t we even if we don’t agree on which one is best?

For instance, no matter how much of a hard core dog person you may be, the kittens in the video below will probably make your heart melt in an instant anyway. The video below shows three kitten triplets who are crying out in hunger as the time for their bottle has come near. Their names are Rocky, Sweet Pea, and Johnny, and they are the cutest bunch you will ever set your eyes on!

Their little paws hold onto their bottles with great joy, and looking how big the bottles look in comparison to the kitties’ tiny bodies, one cannot help but fall in love with their unending sweetness. The looks on their faces is reward enough for the job of bottle feeding them. I wish I had a hundred just for myself!

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