“Whoa, When These Kittens Encounter Soap Bubbles for First Time, Their Reaction, Priceless!”

When they are young kittens will encounter many things for the first time. But some of those things they encounter may need a lot of explanation. Given these little kittens reaction to average soap bubbles, these might top the list.

The kittens see that soap bubbles floating in the air. Only when they try to catch one, it pops, but the kittens don’t seem to understand what happen to the bubble. The kittens also watch the soap bubbles descend to the floor only disappear as well. The kittens just can’t seem to grasp why these bubbles aren’t lasting so they can play with them.

In fact, the kittens start getting to the point where they are searching around the floor looking for the bubbles. The poor little guys can’t seem to understand that soap bubbles don’t last for very long. Oh well, at least they are having a good time with the soap bubbles while the bubbles did last. That much was obvious. https://youtu.be/tOnSDaJCCdE So, watch these cute kittens encounter soap bubbles for the first time then let us know your opinion on this video by commenting below.