“Whoa, When This Kitty Cat Encounters an Owl, What Happens Next, Totally Unexpected… OMG!”

This beautiful black kitty seems to have made an unlikely friend, an Owl. What’s so unusual about this friendship is that cats are natural predators of birds. Not that many kittys would mess with an owl even if it is a member of the bird family since owl’s are predators by nature themselves.

So, this friendship may seem as if it wasn’t in the cards. But seen here these two obviously have created quite bond together. It would seem even at times as if the kitty wanted to fly like his owl friend. Well, kitties can jump pretty high even the one here, but they still aren’t able to take flight. So, the kitty came back down but eventually so did the owl and this is when the video really got cute.

The two of them actually sit together on a tree limb and are cuddling with each other. So, these two natural-born enemies actually became friends instead. If you want to see these two little friends hang out watch the video then let us know what you thought by commenting below.