Lady Gaga Completely Nails It on A Star Is Born With ‘La Vie en Rose’

If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming a superstar singer or actor, you’ve probably imagined how difficult of a task this might be. Lady Gaga is one person who has successfully done both vocal and visual performance, and she nails them both.

In the 2018 film, A Star is Born, Lady Gaga plays the main character who then performs the famous French song, ‘La Vie en Rose.” Her voice echoes through the room and radiates across everybody in the scene. It’s easy to tell that the other actors don’t need to act like they’re a fan of her voice, since it’s beautiful.

There is something about Lady Gaga that allows her to light up a room instantly. Her music, combined with her performance talent, blows people away each time she enters the scene.

It takes natural talent and skill to perform like Lady Gaga. Her acting in A Star is Born was absolutely outstanding and likely one of her best vocal performances to date. She killed it, and she played the perfect part of the film.