Large Turtle And Dog Go Out Into Yard. What They Did Next Was Beyond Adorable.

Admittedly, we are living in a society that is getting lazier and lazier. Tired of walking in an airport? Take the moving escalator. By all means, don’t stand on a particular side of it either. We can order takeout from our phones. The gym? Too far away (It’s half a block). But nothing beats this. A dog named Sunshine being possibly the laziest dog on the face of the Earth. You have got to see this to believe it.

We see Sunshine standing on top of a large turtle named Nicholas, who is walking around a backyard. There’s another dog lurking in the background. Nicholas is just taking a leisurely stroll around, though he does move faster than I thought a turtle his size would. It’s like those killers in a horror movie. They seem to just amble along and then AAAAH! HE’S RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF YOU! Not that I think Nicholas is a homicidal killer… unless you’re a ball of lettuce.

Sunshine is so happy. She’s getting chauffeured around by Nicholas. Her expression seems to be saying, “I’m on a giant turtle and you’re NOT!” At least she’s nice about it with the other dog in the area. She’s not a jerk like that cat you see riding on the robotic vacuum that smacks a nearby dog in the face not once but twice. Nicholas is just like, “I want to eat. You can stay on me. I just want to eat.” Everybody wins here.

I think people should think bigger. Literally. Breed giant turtles and then charge people to ride on them. It would be the ultimate stress-reliever. “Honey. I had a terrible day. I wrecked the car and walked into the big meeting with no pants on. That made our company lose its most important client and I got fired.” “Oh dear. That’s too bad. Here. Have a turtle ride on me.” “Aw. You’re the best. I’m going now!” “Put some pants on first.”

Wasn’t this adorable, even as lazy as Sunshine is? Maybe she was getting Nicholas ready to run in some turtle race… Have you seen anything like it? We love hearing stuff like this. Please leave some comments below!

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