Late One Night, He Looks Out His Window And Sees Visitors In His Yard…

Many times, if you see something moving in your yard, it’s going to be an unwelcome intruder. A deer messing your lawn. A raccoon or bear trying to get into your garbage. You grumble as they make their way around and then prepare to go clean up when they finally leave. It’s par for the course if you live in a suburb – you’re dealing with still having a lot of trees and forest around. Then there was what happened in this video. Certainly, no annoyances here for the homeowner.

The video shows two young foxes in the backyard. They have spotted a ball, probably belonging to the family dog (OK, maybe the dog is grumbling because it doesn’t have its ball). It’s like they have discovered an alien object that landed on their planet. The funny thing about watching this is that they act more like cats than dogs. They bat at the ball like its yarn. The way they arch when they leap back from the ball is more feline than anything.

What’s so great about the video is that they aren’t doing any harm or destroying anything. The only one put out is the dog, but I’m sure that he has plenty of other balls to play with. Seeing those foxes outside surely broke up any monotony of that day. They are so cute and innocent and it made me want to have them for pets… though I wouldn’t because they are wild animals.

The only concern that I would have is that the baby foxes get too used to being around human items. That would make it ridiculously easy for a hunter to make them a trophy: Just lay something like that tennis ball out and then wait for the duo to come out. It’d be like shooting fish in a barrel. This is one of the many drawbacks of humans moving further into the woods. They risk animals losing their fear of humans. Next up would be a cougar chilling on someone’s porch.

I fell in love with these baby foxes the second I saw them. How about you? Were you smitten? Let us know below!

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