Lauren Daigle Takes ‘The Ellen Show’ to Church With ‘Still Rolling Stones’

Ellen DeGeneres Opened Her Show to Christian Singer Lauren Daigle – With a Resounding Spiritual Message

“Our next guest has been compared to anybody from Adele to Amy White House”. “She is amazing”. This was Ellen DeGeneres’ introduction of the Christian singer Lauren Daigle. This was quite an unexpected introduction. Ellen DeGeneres, is the self-acknowledged gay presenter of her show “The Ellen Show”, with over 4.2 million viewers per episode, who was raised as a Christian Scientist, which amongst other things do not believe in the use of medicine. According to, Ellen is however dubbing herself currently as “nonreligious”.

Ellen invited Lauren to perform her newly released song “Still Rolling Stones”, from her album “Look up Child”. What a grand opportunity to spread the word about the love of God to millions of people. As we know God works in mysterious ways. With an amazing voice, beautiful lyrics and sintilizing song, Lauren made full use of the opportunity granted to her to spread the good news.

og1 Lauren Daigle Takes ‘The Ellen Show’ to Church With ‘Still Rolling Stones’

The song itself is based on the message that God’s love has even overcame the grave. When you acknowledge that you are not worthy and that your demise should be final, God presents himself as the Savior who has been with you all of the time. What a wonderful message to send out to millions of people as confirmation, or open their eyes to the presence of God’s loving Spirit all around us. A wonderful message of hope, in these times when it is needed the most.

What an amazing blessing to be able to listen to this beautiful Christian song, as recorded on the stage where you probably have least expect it. Although not self-acknowledged, Ellen might still be closer to God than she thinks, because He surely was speaking to her when she decided to invite Lauren to appear on the show. Irrespective of the location where it has been presented this time round, the song itself warrants to be presented to a worldwide stage.

Lauren Daigle Takes ‘The Ellen Show’ to Church With \'Still Rolling Stones\'