Learn How Magazines Were Published Before Modern Technology

Before the convenience of a desktop computer was an option, magazines were created by hand. In the early 1980s, Bryony Dalefield would help create the London Review of Books. She loved to educate people on how it was done before modern technology.

With rubber cement and an X-Acto knife at her side, Dalefield would perform something called Paste Up. This is when you would cut up, copy, and paste a story and photos onto a board. The board would then get taken to a printer to get photographed and published.

Bryony takes an article that is in the current edition of the London Review of Books to see if she still has what it takes to create an old-school magazine. With the strong smell of gas from the rubber cement, she paints the back of the pages to adhere them to a board after cutting them up.

Happy with the ease of a desktop computer, Dalefield is able to finish the article, and the next step would be to send it off to publishing. She mentions that back then, they’d have to cut out words to make articles fit on the page just right.