Learn How To Make Delicious Frugal Meat Patties Using A WW2 Recipe

Learn how to make Victory Meat Patties, a favorite recipe from 1942. This World War 2 recipe made the best of the available food rations, but even today, with a surplus of ingredients at one’s disposal, it’s still an irresistible meal that is perfect as-is.

You’re shown the whole process from start to finish in a video instructable that makes vintage cooking easy. We may not be under rations, but you can rest assured that this recipe is remarkably frugal. It’s something that you’ll turn to time and time again, saving you money both immediately and in the long run.

Try these easy to make Victory Meat Patties using the World War II recipe that you’re guided through, and you’ll have a go-to choice for burger night. After tasting the medley of flavors, you won’t want any other meat patties. Don’t let the frugality fool you into thinking they’re budget burgers – quite the contrary. They’re packed with flavor.