Learn How To Make The Cutest Sock Dolls EVER With This Easy DIY Video

“Once again, two socks go into the dryer, but only one makes it out. How many of you have a drawer full of unmatched socks, waiting for their match to turn back up? How often do they really ever show up? Here’s a really cute idea to use up those lonely unmatched socks.

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Learn How To Make The Cutest Sock Dolls 3

For each sock doll, you’ll need two socks (at least ankle length). Start off by cutting one sock in half, starting right below the heel diagonally towards the bend of the sock. Cut the heel off, along with about ½” of fabric from the base of the sock.

Turn both parts of the sock inside out. Fold the larger portion of the sock in half lengthwise and along the fold, cut about 2-3” from the heel end of the sock and open it back up. With scissors, round these two ends off that were just made from the small cut. With just a needle and thread, throw a few quick stitches in the two rounded points. This will make the pants or body portion of your doll.

Grab the other piece of this sock and loosely stitch the ankle end to gather it loosely. Turn both the pieces right-side out, and you now have the beginning of your pants and hat.

Taking your second sock, cut the foot of the sock off just below the heel. Discard the remaining part of this sock. Now, fill this portion with batting or whatever else you have handy. Sew it shut with your needle and thread. This will be the head of the doll.

Fill the “pants” portion of the other sock with your stuffing choice for the main body part of the doll. Sew the head onto the doll securely and fit the hat onto it.

To finish up, grab that last little piece of sock that you have left from the heel and pull it over the head of your doll, down around the neck area. It makes a really cute little hoodie. Sewing from the front of the doll to the back and through again, sew arm shapes into the body of the doll.

Sew buttons, sequins, or whatever else you have onto the face for eyes and simply stitch a small smile on the face of your doll. There are so many ways you could customize and decorate this little guy. The nice thing is that you could use just about whatever you have lying around.”

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Learn How To Make The Cutest Sock Dolls EVER With This Easy DIY Video