Learn How To Make These Vintage Mason Jar Lights With Antique Doilies (VIDEO)

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“Mason jars are one of the most versatile crafting supplies ever. You can use them for just about every project imaginable. Here’s another super easy one you can try. No expensive supplies are needed for this one, so rest easy.

These Doily Mason Jar Luminaries are a great way to show off some of those extra doilies you have lying around the house. If you aren’t blessed with a grandmother who makes a million of them and gives them to everyone, then you can easily find doilies at your local dollar store or garage sale as well.

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Amy from the TooTooAmy YouTube Channel is a self-proclaimed “craftaholic” with a flair for retro and vintage projects. She features quick, easy, and inexpensive crafts and tutorials, like this one. All you’ll need is the following:
● Glass mason jar
● Spray multi-purpose adhesive
● Cloth doily
● Hot glue

If you’re not working at a craft table, start by laying down some wax paper or something to protect your surface from the adhesive. All you need is a doily glued to your nice, oak dining room table!

Spray one side of your doily generously with your adhesive spray and arrange it on the front of the jar. Try to pick a doily that is just slightly smaller than your jar surface, but even if the doily is a bit too big, you can always just tuck any excess around or onto the bottom.

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Now, just embellish your jar however you want. Apply hot glue to sides of the lid band and embellish with your choice of trim – like lace trim, ribbon, braids, rope, cords, or even fringe. Use whatever matches your theme and décor.

The top of the lid can be embellished with a piece of fabric or even some cardstock with the use of your hot glue. Add any embellishments you want, like flowers, smaller doilies, etc. The possibilities are nearly endless.

In this tutorial, Amy has added electric tea lights to her mason jars to create beautiful, romantic luminaries that fit just about any setting. However, don’t limit yourself. You can fill these jars with just about anything – from candy to water and floating candles. Let your creativity run wild for a bit.”

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Learn How To Make These Vintage Mason Jar Lights With Antique Doilies (VIDEO)