Bride Is Blown Away By Mom’s Big Surprise On Her Wedding Day

Les Misérables wedding flash mob

Mom planned the wedding day surprise perfectly. Her daughter’s favorite song was “One Day More” from Les Misérables. With determination, she included this song in the reception as a flash mob.

During the speeches, just before the first dance, and when Dad was finished with his talk, Hannah’s mom gave her thoughts.

Les Misérables wedding flash mobShe explained how close their mother-daughter relationship was, how they worked diligently to plan the wedding and how Hannah tomorrow morning would wish that the wedding night would last “One – Day – More”.

On that cue, a performer jumped up from the table where he was seated as a guest and began the song, “One Day More.”

But that was not the end to the surprise. As another performer, leaped up to continue the song. Soon hidden singers, dressed as guests and waiters, joined the choir to surprise Hannah with her favorite song in a flash mob-style.

This tribute to her daughter will be a memory that will last Hannah’s entire life.

Wedding days are hectic and crazy and overwhelming. There’s so much going on that most of the time the couple just can’t take it all in or remember a lot of it, but this is a moment in that special day that will stand out in their memories for a lifetime. May their life together be as magical as this moment.

If this couple’s wedding reception surprise delighted you as much as it did me (I’m still smiling, I’m sure you are, too) then share their video with your friends because a happy event like this is meant to be shared.

Bride Is Blown Away By Mom\'s Big Surprise On Her Wedding Day