Let’s have a look at Dick Van Dyke’s greatest movies and TV shows

Dick Van Dyke is an American-born actor and comedian who starred in various classic TV Shows and Movies over his seventy-year career. Dyke first began as an entertainer on television and radio, in nightclubs, and even on the Broadway stage before eventually moving on to films.

In 1961, Van Dyke earned himself a role in the musical Bye Bye Birdie, which earned him a Tony Award. After this, he got his breakthrough, as Carl Reiner cast him as Rob Petrie on the CBS sitcom The Dick Van Dyke Show.

Dick Van Dyke has an impressive career that spanned over seven decades, and throughout this time, he took part in various classic movies and TV Shows. Below we will list the top ten greatest TV Shows and Movies in which he appeared.

Bye Bye Birdy (1963)

Dick Van Dykes reprised his role as Albert Peterson in the movie adaptation of Bye Bye Birdy in 1963. He had previously taken part in the 1961 musical, which earned him a Tony Award for best actor.

Mary Poppins (1964)

Dick Van Dyke was among the cast in arguably the greatest children’s movie ever produced. He took on the role of a chimney sweeper named Bert, who was able to steal the show when he arrived with his cockney accent.

The Dyke Van Dyke Show (1961-1966)

The Dick Van Dyke show was one of the first great TV sitcoms, full of comedic wit, a hint of intelligence, and from time to time, various scenes of absurdity that brought the show together.

The Carol Burnett Show (1977)

The Carol Burnett show ran for 11 seasons and was considered golden for its time, thanks to its sketch comedy. While Van Dyke was late to join the cast, he was able to bring his personality to the show and helped keep it fresh for its last season.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (1968)

Ian Flemming, fabled for his creation of James Bond, fashioned together a kid’s classic that is only second to Mary Poppins. Van Dyke takes on the role of an oddball, Caractacus Potts, who shares with the children a tale of an evil villain who plans to steal his magical car.

Night At The Museum (2006)

Night at the Museum was a classic of the 2000s, full of stars like Robin Willams and Ben Stiller, who shared the stage with Dick Van Dyke. Van Dyke takes on the role of a security guard whose crankiness is entertaining to watch.

What A Way To Go (1964)

Dick Van Dyke stood out in What A Way To Go, thanks to his comedic genius. While other male stars seem to have forgotten this was a comedy, Van Dyke is a delight to watch on the screen.

Mary Poppins Returns (2018)

It would have been a shame had Dick Van Dyke not returned to the Mary Poppins reboot, yet luckily for us, he did in style. Van Dyke played a dazzling and eccentric man half his age, and his character is incredibly fun to watch!

Diagnosis: Murder (1993-2001)

Dick Van Dyke returned to the small screen in the early 90s to join the weekly mystery series set in a Community General hospital. Van Dyke is joined by his son, Barry Van Dyke, and both portrayed their characters superbly throughout the series.

Dick Tracey (1990)

Dick Van Dyke joined the cast of Warren Beatty’s take on the 40s comic-step detective read. Van Dyke took on the role of an ambitious district attorney known as Fletcher. While the movie wasn’t a big hit immediately after its release, people have grown fond of it over the years.

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Let\'s have a look at Dick Van Dyke\'s greatest movies and TV shows